Tech Joint provides custom end-to-end cloud-based IoT/M2M services for complete remote management of device and data, including smart wireless edge connection.
Tech Joint IoT solutions rests on our proprietary Datonium cloud platform, specially designed for industrial IoT and M2M applications, with advanced features for scalability, reliability and security.

Tech Joint provides custom low-power wireless smart gateway to interface with complex sensors and legacy devices to provide bi-directional connectivity with the cloud for realtime sensor data access and device management. Our custom embedded Linux applications on the smart gateway can fully control and manage the sensor or the connected device to the required degree of customization.

Tech Joint provides white-labelled, fully customized web dashboards and mobile apps that are highly responsive, with advanced alerting systems, to bring data and device control at your finger tips anywhere and anytime. Our advanced data analytics and realtime visualization make it easy for actionable decisions.